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The    Sunday Pancake (1).png

A little on me...

Sundays have always been my favorite day. They’re the one day a week that I was given “me” time. At times with clubs and school it would be my most productive day, when I graduated and started “adulting” it was my day to do something fun to start my week out right. Growing up, Sundays also often involved pancakes or some other fun family breakfast. 

In a world that feels like everything moves a mile a minute, where everyone is so overloaded by work, family and other obligations, I wanted to create a space to encourage some positivity. A space that encouraged you to take the time for you. A space that makes you feel as happy as pancakes on Sunday morning. 

On our logo...

In creating this logo, I decided to actually draw it myself on my iPad :) I went back and forth with my sister and we decided this needed to be the snuggliest pancake we could imagine. From her oversized bacon blanket to her cozy egg slippers, and of course, a bold lip because everyone loves a bold lip. Everyone deserves to live their thrive - and our pancakes are no exception. Can’t take credit for the font though, that’s all Canva making it look classy :) We hope our pancake brings you as much joy as it does us! 


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