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Mercury's in what??

It's that time of the year again where everyone's favorite excuse has made its grand entrance; Mercury Retrograde.

Okay, so most people probably don't buy into it, but who cares? For some it will explain any tension, misfortune, miscommunications, so on and so forth. I'm not an expert, but if it helps them sleep at night then it doesn't bother me much. Plus, who doesn't like a good excuse to sage their life?

Regardless of if you buy into any Mercury Retrograde phenomena, it's a good time for us all to reflect on any stressors or challenges we have going on. So, let's take this gatorade in stride and take stock:

Are you getting enough sleep?

Okay, okay, I know, I'm not your mother or your grandmother, but as Pam awkwardly pointed out to Jim in the break room in Season 3 of The Office, getting actual sleep vs no sleep actually does make a difference.

Are you drinking enough water?

I'm not one to judge here, I often forget to hydrate. But when I do it feels pretty darn good. Plus an excuse to carry around a snazzy water bottle is never bad - especially if you're like me and you probably have more tumblers than you know what to do with.

Be honest, do you just wear your pjs to WFH?

No shame here, but changing out of what you sleep in is proven to make you more productive...just think about it.

Cooking or ordering take out?

My worst New York habit is my take out habit, and if I'm being honest, my wallet is a lot healthier when I'm cooking and not relying on my BFFL Grubhub.

(not sponsored or endorsed, that's truly just my food delivery app of choice)

Are you making time to socialize?

Making time to spend with friends, family, or SOs is important! You need to spend time chatting with others and outside your head (which can be easier said than done). Even if it's just a quiet night in with a couple close pals, it can do wonders for the soul.

Are you making time for some quality "you" time?

Also good for the soul, some gosh darn peace and quiet. Especially if you're a social butterfly already or live with roomies or at home, you need some time just for and to yourself. Sometimes you just want to watch your shows without other people around who just don't appreciate it. Or sometimes you just wanna play your music loudly or while taking a bath. Whatever "you" time looks like for you, make sure you schedule some.

Have you done anything just because it makes you smile?

No seriously. It may seem silly, but doing something "just cause" it feels good or makes you happy, even if it's not the highest priority can be a major mood shifter.

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be and why aren't you already making or ordering it?

No seriously, pause reading this and go eat that thing right now.

Have you watched your favorite movie in a while?

Or if you're not a movie person maybe re-read your favorite book. But either way, letting yourself watch an old favorite can really warm the heart.

Like I said, I'm no expert in retrogrades. In fact, if you didn't pick up on it, my friends and I tend to make light of it and refer to it as "gatorade" a) because it's fun and b) it makes it all seem less stressful given how much weight the interweb puts on it. Wherever you fall in your retrogrades or your gatorades ;), hopefully in the very least you take some time for you.

Happy sage-ing everybody!


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