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Easy & Quick Breakfast Ideas

Saying that breakfast is my favorite meal is an understatement, but as much as I love it, during the work week I don't always have time to make a feast.

Here are some quick and easy, morning of breakfasts I like:

Lazy Avocado Toast

What you need:

- Toast

- Guac (pre-made)

You could make it fresh yourself, or even just slice up an avocado and put it on, but if you get some pre-made guac you'll save yourself a lot of time and it'll be just as delicious!

- Fried Egg

If you're like me, you don't have the patience to poach an egg every morning, save yourself the time and just fry one up on the pan! You can still leave it a little runny for the same classic runny yoke experience.

- Optional: Sliced Radishes

Yogurt & Granola

What you need:

- Plain Greek Yogurt

You could just get vanilla or a flavor if you want, but this is the "healthier option" and then you can flavor or sweeten it to your hearts desire!

- Honey or Agave

I'm not gonna lie, I thought it was a load of BS when I heard people saying this would improve the taste of plain yogurt, but it's not a myth or some health mumbo jumbo, it actually tastes really good. I put in about a tablespoon or so, I recommend putting in just a bit to start, tasting, and then adding more until you get the sweetness you want!

- Granola of Your Choosing

I like a lot of granola, I want some crunch in every bite.

- Optional: Fruit (I like using berries)

Breakfast Burrito

What you need:

- Tortilla or Pita

I actually find a pita easier to fill and work with, but if you want a traditional looking burrito then the tortilla is the play!

- Scrambled Eggs & the Fixings you like

I usually mix in spinach, tomato, and bacon bits, maybe some cheese on the skillet. Sometimes if I'm feeling ~wild~ I'll add in some green peppers - I know, really living it up over here. Once cooked I transfer them into the pita or tortilla and then roll it up!

Protein Powder Oatmeal

What you need:

- Protein Powder of Your Choosing

I often like to use a flavored one like strawberry.

- Quick/Instant Oatmeal

I like using brown sugar cinnamon, but if you're using a flavored protein powder then sometimes just using plain oatmeal is better!

- Peanut Butter (or Your Preferred Nut Butter)

- Optional: Berries


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