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25 Days of Self Care

It's officially the holiday season which means it's officially the craziest time of year! Even though it's the season of giving to others, we should also make sure we give ourselves a break too!

For the happiest time of year, the holidays also some how always manage to be the craziest. It's almost as if everything purposefully waits to pile up until December. It's hard to catch your breath and easy to get overwhelmed.

In 2020, more than ever, everyone is feeling rundown and burnt out. I wanted to challenge myself to not get overwhelmed by the end of year pile up and instead take the time to enjoy it and take care of myself - even if just for 5 minutes.

So this year, I'm challenging myself to do the 25 days of Self Care, and it's my hope that by sharing how I'm taking the time to fill my cup, that it will encourage others to fill their's! It's not about everyone posting on Instagram. Of course if you'd like to, I think it's great to build a positive community online, but what matters most is taking the time for yourself and sharing that positivity with those you love!

My close group of friends don't typically post on their IG stories, so knowing that I asked them if they'd want to participate just in our group chat. It ended up being so fun and brightening all of our days to just do it as our own private self care text party! It's kind of like a holiday season version of Rose, Bud, and Thorn to play together.

So even if it's just privately or with your close friends and family, I hope you'll join me in the 25 days of Self Care! After all, we could use a bit more love and positivity this year!

I attached my templates for you to use personally or online, however you'd like during your 25 Days of Self Care! And if you do decide to post, be sure to use #TheSundayPancake and #25DaysofSelfCare (and feel free to tag me and your friends!).


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